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The twister is not working and I cannot advance my deodorant. Please help!

Sometimes the twisters get disengaged during shipping. To re-engage, pull the twister away from the body and while it’s being pulled away, turn the twister right. The pull away and simultaneous twist to the right is very important. If the instructions do not work, please contact us directly so we can send you a replacement ASAP.

Why is your deodorant higher priced than other natural deodorants?

We use only premium, food grade ingredients that has been rigorously researched and selected for maximum functionality – Vitamin E rich Sweet Almond oil (vs Coconut oil), moisture absorbing Magnesium Oxide (vs Baking Soda), Cruelty-free Beeswax (vs Ozokerite). 

How long does the deodorant last?

The deodorant usually lasts around 4 months for most of us. However, we have received feedback and reviews from customers that say the deodorant has lasted then over 9 months when used once daily with a single or double swipe per armpit!

The scent I purchased does not work. What are my options?

The journey to find an effective natural deodorant is as much about finding a scent that is compatible with your natural body chemistry. Therefore, we will exchange the scent you purchased so you can find a scent that works for you. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee where you can return for a full refund - no questions asked!

Is it normal for the deodorant to discolor my shirts in the armpit area?

In our experience the deodorant does not stain clothes. However, when the deodorant is applied heavily, there is a possibility for shirts to slightly stain when not properly washed. To remove the stains, please apply detergent or dish soap to affected areas and hand scrub under warm to hot water. The “stains” should also be easily removed when washed on a normal cycle (not cold/delicate cycle) in the washing machine. 

What is the shelf life of MAGSOL deodorant?

Although deodorants technically do not have an expiration date, we do recommend throwing out the deodorant one year after first use. For unopened/unused deodorants, we recommend replacing 2 years after purchase.

What scent should I get?

We offer a 6 pack sampler: try all the scents to find one that works best for your natural body chemistry! The sampler pack includes a coupon for a free full size deodorant. Once you've had a chance to try all the scents, you can confidently redeem your full-size deodorant in the scent that's most effective for you.

What is the texture and consistency of your deodorant?

The deodorants are solid with a smooth-glide, skin-loving texture. No grittiness, no roughness. 

Does your deodorant cause rashes?

Nope!  Our magnesium deodorants are formulated with odor fighting magnesium oxide instead of baking soda which is mildly caustic to those with sensitive skin and known to cause rashes.

Will your deodorants turn my armpits black?

No. MAGSOL magnesium based deodorants are made with pure ingredients that will not turn your armpits black.