Do More with MAGSOL

Small ingredients list, big promise: a truly clean-label deodorant that is gentle on skin and works all day long. No aluminum. No baking soda. Made with carefully researched and selected ingredients, MAGSOL takes it back to basics.


After DIY-ing for years and testing hundreds of formulas, we crafted a natural deodorant with an ingredient list that is short and reassuringly pronounceable: almond oil, magnesium oxide, beeswax and natural oils. Each ingredient has a purpose.

Beyond safe, we’re beneficial for skin

We know you may have been burned in the past by other deodorants, but your pits are safe with us! We’ve left out irritants like baking soda and aluminum in favor of ingredients like nourishing oil and magnesium that are carefully chosen for function and benefit.  

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Whomever got the idea for using Magnesium in deodorant is a genius. This Lemongrass scent is perfect for me (and my wife, she keeps stealing it). It has a faint but pleasant odor. Exactly the deodorant I've been looking for, not overpowering but eliminates the body odor, exactly what it's supposed to do.

-Michael D.

If you have sensitive skin, please try this deodorant! I went organic and natural 9 years ago and started to use the typical natural formulas. My immune system decided that it didn't like those anymore with the worst rashes that I had ever had in my life. Then I found MagSol, please try it for yourself! I really think that you will like it!


Great natural deodorant that works! I've tried many natural deodorants and so far this one is my favorite! There are minimal ingredients in it, and none of them are caustic or reaction-causing. In fact, this is the first natural deodorant I've found with such few ingredients! It's amazing!